• Each month we deliver a different theme based on the key foundations from the Bible
  • It is challenging and fun but more importantly it helps keep you in God’s word



Bible Study Guides

Study guidelines are a concise, easy-to-understand guide to God's Word giving you a helpful overview of each book of the Bible. The guideline provides data on the author, time frame a short synopsis of the content of the book and then a longer summary with thoughts on practical application. This is followed by a blank outline for you to fill in as you study each chapter and put down your own thoughts and prayers.

From time to time we offer short courses of Bible Study to help our readers go deeper into God’s word. Subscribe to our weekly letter to receive notifications of upcoming lessons. The weekly letter also offers some insights to study and incentives to help keep you in God’s word. Just click the link:   ‘Weekly Letter’

Designed to incentivize and prod you along with your Bible study, we send you each week a letter delivered to your inbox with insights to help take the confusion out of study.

To get you started, we’ve  put together a list of 10 brief but comprehensive tips to help you manage your Bible Study and get the most out of God’s word.