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We offer many creative ways to help you with your walk in Christ

Christian Puzzle Club

Members of The Christian Puzzle club receive five or six puzzles per month complete with solutions, study guide and commentary. These intriguing themed puzzles combine wordplay with biblical knowledge and trivia to deliver just the right challenge to help you keep in the word of our Lord.

Bible Study Lessons

From time to time we offer short courses of Bible Study to help our readers go deeper into God's word. Subscribe to our weekly letter to receive notifications of upcoming lessons. The weekly letter also offers some insights to study and incentives to help keep you in God's word. Just click the link below to join us.

Adventure Puzzle Books

We are developing a collection of Christian puzzle books that are based on the stories of the bible. It's challenging and it's fun as you read along and then test your knowledge by solving the puzzles. Great fun for teens and adults alike.

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